🙂Monica - Friends TV show

Create beautiful retro art or dotted art 🎨 using python imaging library(pillow).


Convert the input image into gray mode. And Extract dimensions of the original image.

from PIL import Image, ImageDraw
import numpy as np
# read as gray image
im = Image.open("monica.jpg").convert("L")
width, height = im.size

Image Source- Brooklyn Willow Street,NY

Convert your image into cartoon like style using opencv and python in few lines.

Here we are going to use Sobel Filter and alpha blend.

src = cv2.imread("brookyln.jpg")  # read the source image

detection of tigers using yolov5


I recently came across wildlife projects using AI and how they are helping in protecting endangered species and thought of making a model to help detecting tigers🐅 in the wild. Scroll down, too see how i trained my object detection model.

If you are active in computer vision, you may have heard about yolov5. There’s some controversy around its naming, you can read details from here. Ultralytics team put a great effort in open-sourcing this model 👏👏👏

Ashish Veeragoni

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